In the past, I generally traversed the internet exclusively by the moniker 5ir 3ntropy, but of late I have been transitioning to the simpler, more interesting nickname Widdershins (or Widdersinnes if that isn’t available). This is partly because I simply like it a bit better, partly because it shortens so much easier (‘widder,’ of course), and partly because many people dislike the use of numbers. If, however, I wish to publish something that I’ll be able to find for certain if I google it, I will use the old name.

I’m currently in a clan consisting of a group of real life friends, who all know each other at least pretty well. Ckushhhia/Kerrin (more often called simply Ckushhhia) really started when the Team Fortress 2 beta first came out, and we wanted people to know that we were, in fact, in the top three places on the server. We tended to do that a lot.

Here’s an incomplete list of games I love, from *past, -present, +what I’m playing now, and >yet to come.

*Marble Drop

*Total Annihilation

*Commander Keen (DOS)

*Colossal Cave/Adventure 4/Adventure 660 (DOS)

*Super Smash Brothers 64

-Mario Kart 64

-Natural Selection (mod)

-Half-Life 2 and episodes

-Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

-Counter-Strike Source

-Unreal Tournament 2004


-Team Fortress 2

-TrackMania Nations (FREE!)

+EVE Online

+Unreal Tournament 3

+DIPRIP (mod)


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