feedback = hiatus break

Comment something here if you want me to write about it. Comment something here if you want me to write at all, for that matter. I just noticed that a) I don’t always feel like having the time to write it and b) I get like, 2 page views, doubtless from web spiders, every day.

In conclusion, all sentient lifeforms are hereby required to produce feedback if they wish to continue receiving my twisted wisdom. I have some 30 hilarious things which you should see in my temporary links folder, and if I’m going to even put them here, I’m going to need at least… say, one actual carbon-based-lifeform reader. If that’s not too ambitious.

Not to say I don’t often enjoy ranting about science and society here, but that it’s easier to just rant in my head than to inscribe it in these undying octets for your viewing pleasure.

If you want me to write every single day for at least a year, buy me a Penta top hat as pictured, perhaps from this site. Let me know if this is your plan so that proper arrangements can be made.