oh and about recently

I was going to say something terribly interesting, I thought, but it turns out that it was just this: that I went and tried to turn in my programming assignment yesterday (Thursday, I work on a subjective-day system). I mailed it in like it seemed apparently asking for, but it turned out it’s not due until NEXT week. Nonetheless, I’m glad I did it, and the professor seems happy about it. She was somewhat confused (Oh, that was you), but when you get down to it, it took about five minutes to write the actual code. And it was fun, since it’s reversing sound files and stuff. So yeah.

I like Daft Punk.

And something that I just ran into. On some sites, specifically Microsoft now, I actually have to concentrate sometimes to read CAPTCHA messages (try refreshing that a few times, you might see what I mean). If they aren’t just keeping ahead of the curve, and they’re in fact actually doing this to keep automatic bots out of their email system, then it spells the very first sign of flattening wavy seas signaling the slow rising of the true AI behemoth rising from the freezing watery depths. It seems like every few days recently, I notice something that makes me think just how close to the truth Shirow Masamune may have been. (Mr. Shirow wrote both Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed, futuristic mangas which were eventually made into television and/or movie form. He’s rather a visionary as far as future technology goes.)


So I’m draped in about twenty feet of bubble wrap right now. It came with my roommate’s camera. (Snatch of conversation: So where did you get this name, ‘widdershins?’ Oh, nowhere specific, I just came up with it – I guess you could say Terry Pratchett and Patrick O’Brian mostly. Oh, are they famous? Yeah, they’re famous. Celebrities, even. They’re having another concert pretty soon. You should look them up.)

If you haven’t already seen it, try the awareness test (make sure your internet is fast enough or let it load first; Rinker Jass has slow internet, and it was too easy for him).

If you’d like to see a pride of lions get shown who’s bigger by a bunch of buffalo, with an intermezzo of crocodile attacks, then you should see Battle at Kruger. Evidently, this video got enough attention that they’re being funded to go back to africa and document how they got the video in the first place. I can’t imagine what that would consist of. (“Well, here’s this pool… and there were, like, these lions… and stuff… yeah, nothing’s happening right now. Well, this is my land rover…”)

Still Alive just came on my playlist, and I’d like to introduce you to For Tax Reasons, a small two-man animation studio sort of thing that made a few really funny videos. Check them out.

And if anyone’s seen that repeating flash with the two girls dancing back and forth on a pink background with the looping music behind… yeah. The thing is, that song is actually a remix of the original song, called CaramellDansen. Notice anything? Yeah. The remixer made it about 118.6% as fast. And that’s it.

I just came across a whole bunch more really super interesting stuffs for you guys, and I was going to write about something fascinating. I’ll stick to this for now. The Bugatti Veyron is my favorite car of all time (so far). Every time I see it, it reminds me why I am not a fan of cars: because they are pitiful piles of rubber-band-driven sticks in the face of the god-among-cars that is the Veyron.

So yeah, I’d feel bad except that if I put up any more stuff, you’d have to spend half an hour just watching this stuff. Let’s tone it down.