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Well, here I am. Writing for real on WordPress. After seeing Connway‘s blog page, I realized that WordPress is, in fact, much better than xanga, which until now I had been subjecting to my intermittent bursts of brilliance.

Important Note: If you’re just going to tl;dr this entire thing, at least take a look down at the bottom and make a comment. At least make one comment, so I know who’s here. Tell me something to write about, and I may very well do it. If I weren’t interested in entertaining whoever it is who’s reading this, I would have just left these links in my interesting-stuff folder instead of taking all this time to show them to you.

Fear not, for these same bursts of brilliance will most likely resume here, no less whimsical and fascinating than before.

Now to business. I have a large number of links which I was saving up in a toolbar folder, so before reading on, it is advisable to brace for epic.

Very small children can be taught to solve Rubiks Cubes very, very fast. Not just if they’re a prodigy, in fact. Most children can be taught this. In fact, it has been asserted that it is not actually very much harder to solve a Rubiks Cube even when you are very, very drunk, though you may have some difficulty locating and picking it up.

Prank calling has evidently been taken to a new level (warn: language); as you can see, if the story is true, there is evidently a lot you can do with simply phone calls. The idea that we have that much power over others using a simple, inexpensive, everyday service like the phone network is pretty frightening.

Along those lines, I encountered the story of another man who has done media hoaxing for a living. Looks to me like a fascinating and fun job.

For those of you who have watched Death Note, you might find this entertaining. The guy who made it did a really good job with the lip syncing arrangement.

I was also contemplating the everlasting awesome that is Bill Nye recently. The man is like an everlasting symbol of science, not unlike batman in my mind. He also did a number of other funny skits and roles for other shows and productions. For instance, Cops in Ballard, or the Employment Agency Sketch, both for Almost Live, which used to be a Seattle-local show not dissimilar to Saturday Night Live in several respects.

The next item on the agenda: a prodigious review for an automatic doughnut-manufacturing machine you can use at home. You really do have to read it.

Considering memes. There is a recent and perhaps confusing internet meme to be found in some corners of the internet, concerning this… guy, crashing down on a steamroller and going WRYYYYY!! It turns out, this originated from an epic combo move in a particular fighting game, by Dio Brando, as demonstrated in this video capture. Another more obscure meme, the cardcrusher comic, originated from some japanese video that I do not know the origin of. Basically, he says “Would you like this card?” and she replies “Sure, I’ll have it”… and then he crushes it. It’s actually kind of epic.

A few random things you might enjoy: this future forum dedicated to time travel, an incredibly strong girl, a frankly terrifying sinkhole created by sleazy mining practice, and the most comprehensive list of grammar correction in the English language that I have ever come across. Interesting reading, that one.

Musically, Nickelback has to be one of the most monotonous bands ever conceived. Rick Astley is much better.

And completely unrelated to the previous links, I found this great muppets outtakes video. You should give it a look.


Well, that’s all that I’ve got for now. I might perhaps make a dump of the links that I used to have on my old blog page, but that’s for later. I already spent a long time doing this – because really, 711 words, 26 unique and interesting links with explanations… I’m somewhat worn out. Maybe later I’ll tell you about airsoft, and excellent Audiosurf songs. Actually, I’ll just go make a page for audiosurf awesomeness. Talk at you later.

6 Responses

  1. I got Rick Rolled twice! >_<

  2. I read through the Rubik’s cube section and gave up. My interest has always been in how quickly *I* can solve a Rubik’s cube, not in how quickly some freaky child can. That might sound narcissistic, but it really means I just don’t care that much about people I don’t know, and I think I can solve a cube faster than those people that I do know.

  3. Brendan:

    It wasn’t the speed that concerned me back when I learned to do it, nor when I discovered this, but rather the method. (I could solve a Rubik’s cube in about three minutes using the method they gave in the little booklet, and I remembered that for about a month before I just stopped doing it and forgot how.)

  4. I’m a fan of the Petrus method. Of course, every method available can be judged on its average efficiency compared to the proven potential minimum of 26 moves for any given configuration. Petrus does pretty well — he can average 45 moves per solution.

  5. intriguing stuff you have here.

  6. Shall I continue?

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